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Fire Safety in the Bay - 2019

Another new season in the Bay.  Welcome back everyone. The last few years we have had several fires in the Bay. In all those instances we have been fortunate that our advance planning has enabled us to quickly get on top of each situation and minimize the damage. Fire Pump owners let me ask you, ...


Dear Members of BICA,  It’s mid-April, and I am thinking about summer in the Bay. I’m also thinking of LAURENTIDE LEGACY, 2000-2020. If you are like me, you may not have begun to write your section of the new book. Today I surprised myself by sitting down at my computer and starting to write. ...

Willisville Mountain Update (April 2019 update)

Willisville Mountain Update.   The purchase is moving ahead.  We are at the edge of the final strokes.  Vale has asked for minor adjustments to the survey lines that describe the Willisville Road right of way.  That work is with the surveyor.  When those are done, (likely after the snow is gone ...

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