Turn Out the Lights and Embrace the Dark Sky

Welcome to Love Your Bay Week 2023!

To celebrate Love Your Bay Week this year, we will be sending out a series of daily emails and articles with how-to things you can do to protect and preserve the quality of natural environment of the Bay of Islands.
Love the stars? The topic today is preserving the night sky so that we can enjoy the view of the moon, stars and planets. A dark sky also helps animals, birds and insects!

Embrace the Dark Sky

Lost in the Light: Taking Action to Address Light Pollution
By Britt Oldenburg, Bay of Islands Association
One of the key attractions of cottage life is being immersed in the beauty of nature: the lake, the trees, the loons, and a dark, star-filled sky. This dark and starry sky is increasingly threatened by light pollution caused by artificial lighting…
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Join the Dark Sky Movement

Learn more about responsible outdoor lighting at the International Dark-Sky Association website.