BICA 2022 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

Bay of Islands Community Association 2022 Annual Members Meeting
4:20 – 6:00 PM EST Saturday July 30, 2022 Ruby Island (TP2567)


1) Call to Order

Sheila Williams/Celesta Bjornson

2) Approval of Minutes – 2021
a) Moved – That the general membership approves the minutes of the 2021 BICA


  1. i)  Mover – Bobette Jones
  2. ii)  Second – Barb Van Sickel (1) Passed: Unanimously

3) President’s Report – Celesta/Sheila

a) Report appended to these minutes.

  1. 4)  Treasurer’s Report – Abbie Drolet
    1. a)  Statement of Operations and Cash Reconciliation info was distributed to all members in attendance.
    2. b)  Summary of information by Abbie Drolet.
    3. c)  Moved – That the general membership approves the Treasurer’s Report for 2022
      1. i)  Mover – Zach Shewchuk
      2. ii)  Second – Scott Boatman (1) Passed: Unanimously
  2. 5)  GBA Report – Liz Phillips
    1. a)  Description of current GBA issues and initiatives presented by Liz.
    2. b)  Full report appended to these minutes.
  3. 6)  Members Brainstorming Session
    1. a)  Attending members were divided into 6 groups each having a BICA Board member acting as facilitator. Each group was asked to discuss the following questions for approximately 20 minutes and brainstorm related ideas:
      1. i)  What are the most important issues facing our community?
      2. ii)  What are the most important initiatives our community association should continue or start?
    2. b)  Following the brainstorming session each member was given two coloured stickers for voting on each group’s ideas.
  4. 7)  Presentation of Brainstorming Ideas

a) Each group’s ideas were written on a large notepad and then presented by the


  1. b)  Following the presentation, all members were asked to place each of their coloured stickers on two initiatives or ideas that they were most interested in being pursued by the Association.
  2. c)  Voting was tabulated by Patrick Thoburn and posted on the BICA website on the Latest News page (refer to AMM Brainstorming Results posted September 1, 2022).
  1. 8)  Board Nominations & Election – Celesta
    1. a)  Sheila Williams
    2. b)  Celesta Bjornson
    3. c)  Patrick Thoburn
    4. d)  Liz Phillips
    5. e)  Abbie Drolet
    6. f)  Trevor Marshall
    7. g)  Bobette Jones
    8. h)  Scott Boatman
    9. i)  Jeff Baker
    10. j)  Chris Redston
    11. k)  New Members – Lisa Allison and David Gallup
    12. l)  Leaving Members – Jane Drolet, Sandy Moskal, Laurie Cook
    m) Moved – That the general membership approves the Board of Directors for 2022-2023.
    1. i)  Mover – Laurie Cook
    2. ii)  Second – Jaclin Baker (1) Passed: Unanimously
  2. 9)  Presentation of Gifts to new BICA members

a) BICA burgee’s presented to all new members in attendance at the meeting.

10) Thank you and Presentation of Gifts to Outgoing Presidents Celesta Bjornson and Sheila Williams

  1. a)  Thank you to Sheila and Celesta from new BICA President Patrick Thoburn
  2. b)  Presentation of framed “Bay of Islands” by George Eadie prints to Sheila and Celesta by Trevor Marshall

Motion to adjourn – Britt Oldenburg, seconded Zach Shewchuk. Meeting Adjourned at 6:00pm EST

11) Minutes drafted by Trevor Marshall, Secretary
12) NEMI Ward 1 Report 2022 by Laurie Cook appended to these minutes
13) BICA Environmental Committee Report 2022 by Chris Redston appended to these


Bay of Islands Community Association Presidents’ Report, 2022

How amazing it has been to reunite as a community after 2 years largely apart! Though we are not quite back to “normal”, we have been provided the perspective that there is no place on earth, and no group of friends and family, that we would rather spend these life experiences with. The pandemic made us consider what “community” really means. To us it is both – both the incredible beauty of the landscape that cannot be replicated that we are all humble stewards of, and the importance of our relationships bonded by these shared values and decades & generations of connection. To share moments together, in person, here, is irreplaceable.

Perhaps no event or accomplishment represents importance of community better than our collective roll of supporting the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy’s $1.8 million purchase of “Heaven’s Gate”, which we highlighted last year. Heaven’s Gate is the nearly 1,000 acres of land on the north side of Red Deer Village Road that includes much of the La Cloche mountains connecting Willisville to Ft. La Cloche. Over 100 donors and friends celebrated the grand opening of the Heaven’s Gate trails on a recent and hot July afternoon. Many are to thank for preserving this land for all future generations to enjoy, but we were able to celebrate the importance of Ted Cowan’s leadership in making this happen.

There are so many other people to thank for their leadership and contributions this year. Michael Dewson has led the charge on our ongoing and successful phragmites eradication program. The Baker family, Rick Fournier, John Moskal, and others resumed the Bass Fish Derby / Fish Fry after a 2 year hiatus (more participants than we have ever had, and more fish than have ever been caught!). Lisa Allison pulling together the Bas Bleu Book Reading Club (despite our windiest day of the summer). The Drolets making this year’s Love Your Bay Day possible. And so many more.

And, we are excited to officially welcome and embrace new and old friends into the BICA community, including Antonia and Jens, Bob and Juanita, Chris and Abbie, Ron and Irene, Carolyn and Roc, Paul and Lana, Alan den Otter, Michael Boufford, Hugh Mchullan, Trish Phillips, Susan Monger, Justin and Andrea Montgomery, Ashley Jurjevich, and others. We have met them all, and it’s energizing to know that others drawn to this area are falling in love for the same reasons we all have, and they feel the humble responsibility they now bear as stewards of our community. Some of us were born into the Bay of Islands, others married into it, and more now are discovering it for the first time. We welcome all of you.

We are saddened by the loss of some long standing community members, and in particular by the untimely loss of Don Datz. He epitomized what it means (your thoughts / reflections here instead of mine) to spend part of your life here and this community becomes you. Don and his surviving wife Judy bought and ran Bay Villa for about 15 years. Don passed away unexpectedly at only 66 years. He exemplified what it meant to be a business owner who cared more about helping people than anything else. He gave us much and will be missed.

We are fortunate that as a non-profit organization relying solely on the contributions of its members that we have remained financially stable despite the pandemic. Revenue sources we

lost were essentially matched by other costs lowered because of the pandemic. We believe it is important to rebuild and grow revenue sources in the next few years through new membership, auctions, grants, and other sources, to fuel the important work BICA does.

We are absolutely thrilled to pass the baton to BICA’s next President, Patrick Thoburn, who is a 2nd generation Bay of Islands steward and will bring so much more of his creativity, passion, and leadership to BICA as our incoming President. As for us (Sheila and Celesta), we are more in to BICA than ever before, and after 6 years as co-Presidents (elongated thanks to COVID-19), we are ready to channel our energies finding and welcoming new members into the BICA community, and that’s what we’ll be doing now, including building stronger and more inclusive relationships with islanders who have never engaged, mainlanders like the Red Deer Village community, and the Birch Island community.

As we reflect on our 6 years together as co-presidents, the first thing that comes to mind is that we have loved working and leading together this whole time – how often does a co-president relationship actually get stronger vs. strained over that time period? Well, it happened with us. Our 2nd reflection was we wanted to change the perception that BICA’s primary mission is NOT that of a glorified social planning community. We’ve tried to embrace the totality of our by-laws – “To represent the interest of the members of the Bay of Islands, to foster a harmonious community spirit, to promote conservation of wildlife and to preserve the unique characteristics of the area”. We’ve focused a lot on BICA Board effectiveness, better fire safety, preservation of land and water (e.g., Love Your Bay Day, water quality, phragmites control, Heaven’s Gate support), invited new members into the BICA community, and so much more.

One area of BICA support we don’t talk enough about is the importance and effectiveness of the Georgian Bay Association (GBA), who has been doing an amazing job. The GBA focuses on the needs reflective of BICA and the other community associations up and down the Georgian Bay and the North Channel, and part of our budget goes directly to GBA to focus on bigger things we could never accomplish by ourselves. And beyond the financial support, BICA leaders have played many significant leadership roles over the years such as Hugh McLeland as GBA Chair, past GBA member like Thoburn, and today we are represented by Liz Phillips. Though we embrace our role in building community, we take a lot of pride in what we’ve done, because we are a community, to accomplish some great things together as stewards of this amazing land. Without community organizations like BICA, there is no GBA.

We look forward to spending time with you later this summer – safely and in person – and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together, and what we will share in our life journeys, in the years ahead.

Love Your Bay Every Day!
Celesta Bjornson and Sheila Williams