Septic Systems: Pump-Out Information

Solids build up on the bottom of your septic tank, and a scum layer forms on the surface. Over time, the solids and scum can get so deep and thick that the solids can start to overflow into your septic field. This can lead to poor drainage and failure of the system. You don’t want that! That’s why it’s important to regularly inspect your tank and pump out the solids and scum.

Under normal residential use, it’s recommended that you get your septic tank inspected and pumped out every 3 to 5 years. For seasonal properties, it’s probably sufficient to get your tank pumped out at every 5 to 10 years. But it really depends on the size of your septic tank, frequency of use and the volume and type of solids that you flush down the system.

Need a pump-out?

Because of the difficulty in accessing and pumping out septic tanks on island properties, BICA will periodically organize a company to bring a barge out to the Bay and pump out several septic tanks for members. This should simplify the logistics and reduce the cost.

Watch for a BICA News item this summer. The association is organizing a pump-out for members during the summer of 2022. The more properties that sign up, the lower the cost!

Curious about the how and why of septic pump-outs? Check out the following site:


Septic tank cleaning and pumping – Canadian septic owners’ guideline 2021