Laurentide Legacy, Second Edition (LL2)

Dear BICA Members

As the 2020 summer continues to unfold and remains highly exceptional, the Laurentide Legacy, Second Edition (LL2) committee would like to update you on the publication and distribution plans for the book.The publishing plans for the book have slowed in the past few weeks based on the progression and limitations of COVID-19.

The book is basically ready but without the full complement of our community in the Bay of Islands, our publishing and distribution has been pulled back to reflect that a deadline of July 3, 2020 was no longer needed. The book will be ready and celebrated when we know that ALL residents of our Bay are able to engage and enjoy the release of LL2. We truly are looking forward to that event, both because we miss our friends who are not here in the Bay at this time, and because we think that the book is a wonderful addition to Bay memories for all and we are very anxious to share it with you.We thank all of the Bay families and residents for their submissions to LL2. And we will continue to keep you informed about its progression and ultimate celebratory publication and distribution.Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this very different time in our lives. Stay well.

The Laurentide Legacy, Second Edition, Committee