Phighting Phragmites

July 31- Today we had another successful Phragmites cut. It is getting a bit easier each year as we weaken the root system.  Had an amazing crew today urged on by Michael Dewson and Ann Atkey:  Dan Galipeau from Pig Island brought his roofing harness and wielded the power cutter, Ed Diehl who ended up spending the morning in the water up to his chest hand cutting all the stragglers and submerged plants, and Liz Phillips’ family plus friends from Germany – they were 3 adults and 7 kids who did an awesome job gathering up cuttings and bagging them.  Shout out to Kieran who spent most of his time in the water gathering up the floating cuttings.  Kids were a bit disappointed they could not run the power cutter but Liz bought them all ice cream after so it ended well.  Don Datz and Bay Villa Lodge supplied the barge and will burn the bags we collected.  Huge thank you to the whole gang who worked so hard to protect the Bay from this invasive species.