Fire Safety in the Bay

The last few years we have had several fires in the Bay. In all those instances we have been fortunate that our advance planning has enabled us to quickly get on top of each situation and minimize the damage.

Fire Pump owners let me ask you, as I do every spring, to help us prepare for the new season. The owners of fire pumps should run these pumps to ensure they will be ready in the event of an emergency.  The second preparation relates to our organization for fire alerts “FERO” (the Fire Emergency Response Organization). The Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders should confirm with the members of their Phone Tree that the phone numbers we have listed for their team members are up-to-date.  If we can’t contact you, your fire pump is of no use to us or your neighbours in the event of a fire.

Cottage owners need to be able to convey critical GPS information in the event of a fire. So note your Island GPS location in a readily available place such as beside your house phone.  The GPS location of a fire start-up is even more helpful if that is possible for you. It is useful to have the two Primary Emergency Fire contacts – Don & Judy Datz at (preferred number) 705 285-4266 or 1-989-284-0291 and John & Lisa Bond at 705 285-4226 on your Cell Phone  contacts List. A third emergency number if necessary is for Bob Gilbert at 705 968-0145.

It was very dry last year and we don’t know what the weatherman will arrange for us this year.  So we need to be prepared.  The GBA has an excellent Fire Prevention list that can be found at:

and information about BICA’s fire pump ownership and storage locations can be found at:

The GBA provides useful things we can do to help prevent fires around our cottages as well as inside them.  It’s worth a look to see what can easily be accomplished to minimize your danger from uncontrolled fires.

Have a wonderful season in the Bay and be safe

Bob Gilbert