Conserving Willisville Mountain (June 3, 2018 Update)

Conserving Willisville Mountain: Are We There Yet?

No, but close.  Supporters have given Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC) $125,000 of the $185,000 needed to conserve the Mountain. Thanks to each donor. The offer to purchase protects the Mountain temporarily. Going from temporary to lasting conservation needs your help. Only $60,000 more conserves the Mountain permanently!

Since the first North Channel mine in 1845, virtually every acre of Manitoulin and the North Channel has been cut over and/or staked for mining. The next 100 years will see more development.  Without conservation, the Mountain is at risk. With $60,000 more, EBC will conserve the Mountain for a century and the one after that, and on and on. This will not harm jobs. There will be jobs, and there will be Willisville Mountain, standing as you have always known it. 

You can help the Mountain endure and abide; a place of renewal for people and a home for all its native creatures. The offer to purchase expires. Contribute this summer and the Mountain will be there for everyone, forever.

Put the Mountain over the top!

Why Conserve Willisville Mountain?

Conserve the Mountain so it may speak to grandchildren’s grandchildren, build hopes in them and be home for all creatures on it. Please donate!

What is EBC?
With 160+ nature reserves on 13,100 acres, EBC is the largest Ontario based land trust. EBC has 26 reserves on Manitoulin including the Cup and Saucer. Every site has stewards. EBC has 80 kilometers of trail, canoe access sites, habitat for 54 rare species and room for thousands of visitors a year. For $35 a year you can be a member. EBC was founded in 1997 with charitable status. It is run by a volunteer board and two staff. Learn more about us at If EBC should ever cease to operate, the law requires that its land be transferred to another land trust.

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts? (AFOCLT)
AFOCLT is a US charity that helps US taxpayers conserve special places in Canada, and receive a charitable receipt they can apply against US income. The US Internal Revenue Service recognizes American Friends as a 501(c)(3) charity. There are similar Canadian groups assist US public broadcasting, various universities, hospitals, etc.

Questions to: Ted Cowan, Willisville Mt. Coord., (416) 660 5545  or email

How to Help —$600 US or $750 Cdn. preserves 1 acre, $200 US or $250 Cdn. conserves a third of an acre.

Americans can help Willisville Mountain and get a charitable tax receipt for use with US income tax by donating to American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, a US charity.  For information about them, their website is  Checks and the completed and signed form below, should be sent to:
American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, 702 Kentucky St. #663, Bellingham, WA  98225 USA.

Canadians may donate in the normal way and get a receipt for a charitable tax credit on Canadian income tax.  Credit card donations can be made via the web site or cheques can be mailed to:
Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy,  503 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON M5V 1B8

American donors please complete this form and mail it with your check to  American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts,  702 Kentucky St. #663,  Bellingham, WA  98225 USA.

Donation Form

Donor Name(s)
Street Address
State / Zip Code
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
Email Address


Dear American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts,
Attached please find a check, payable to American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts, for $USD ________ [minimum gift $200] for your Cross-Border Conservation Program.  I wish to request that American Friends consider a grant recommendation in favor of:

Organization NameEscarpment Biosphere Conservancy
Street Address503 Davenport Road
CityTorontoProv / Postal CodeOntario, M4V 1B8
Contact NameBob  BarnettContact Phone416 960 8121


I/we understand that American Friends can make a grant only to an organization that meets all grantee eligibility criteria, is approved by and in good standing with the American Friends.  I also understand the board of American Friends has absolute discretion and exclusive power to decide whether or not to follow my recommendation, and that, as required by the Internal Revenue Service, American Friends will not accept contributions earmarked for or directed to a specific Canadian organization. If American Friends decides to make a grant according to my recommendation, I understand American Friends will retain a portion of my gift to operate its programs according to this schedule: $30 flat fee for gifts between $200 – $500; 6% of the amount of the gift between $501 – $10,000; 4% of the amount between $10,001 – $100,000; 2% for amounts over $100,000.

In addition, I would like American Friends to retain an additional, optional $        (amount) or     % (of the total gift) to support its cross border conservation initiatives. If American Friends decides to make a grant according to my request, it has my permission to forward my name and contact information, and the amount of my gift, to the recipient organization.  

Yours truly,