Emergency Plan for Every Island


Emergency Planning


It is your personal responsibility to be prepared in case of an emergency. By being personally prepared for an emergency you reduce the risk of further complications to yourself and possible harm to others providing assistance.

What to Have:
  1. Communication device
  2. Proper Medical Kit
  3. List of personal medications and health issues
  4. Name of Family Doctor
  5. Location Marker ( Flares, Water Dye, Horn, flag )
  6. Fracture board, Splints, medical dressings
  7. Blankets
  8. Call List. Professional (911) / Personal (List of people you can contact for assistance. Be sure to inform these people and confirm that they can assist you in case of an emergency.)
  9. Island Number and location including GPS coordinates
  10. Escape Route. Determine the landing you will be heading to (in most cases either Don McGregor’s in Birch Island or Whitefish Falls) as well as the means to get there
  11. Proper Flashlight and batteries
What to do:
  1. Evaluate situation and stabilize.
  2. Contact 911. Be calm and answer all questions directly when asked. Be sure to indicate that you are in a remote location.
  3. Contact people on your emergency contact list (personal list).
  4. Continue to address emergency and prepare for evacuation.
  5. Evacuation: If mobile, proceed on escape route to predetermined landing where EMS can meet to assist or personally drive to hospital. If immobile and unable to leave location EMS will arrive at location with OPP escort. It is important to have all medical information along with family doctor and list of medications available. Air rescue will require a landing zone.
    Practice an emergency, including executing your escape route. Practice makes perfect and reduces complications in a real evacuation. This is personal responsibility that may save your life and protect those that are assisting.
Emergency List:

Create an emergency list and post it somewhere visible. Include the following:

Call List:

Health issues:
Island number and GPS Coordinates:
Next of kin: