What do we do for FUN in Bay of Islands?

 In the distant past, BICA was known solely as a social group. We all know that’s changed dramatically in recent history–the “new” BICA is involved in all sorts of socially-responsible and environmental projects. We’re also involved in cultural activities–Bas Bleu book club, volunteering at the La Cloche Art Show, and helping our local neighbours in times of need.
Last year, for the first time, BICA had, among all its other functional committees, a Social Committee. This resulted in our very first, very successful, BICA Meet & Mix/Open Mic at the Red Dog Grille, which we hope will become an annual event. We also planned day hikes in the La Cloche region and, of course, have our annual Social/raffle/auction, to raise funds for BICA.

Committees require members, not just a chairperson, so I’m asking any of you who might like to get involved with our fun projects to contact me. This wouldn’t involve a big time commitment (that’s MY job) but would involve helping a few hours on individual events and projects. My email is bobettejane@yahoo.com.
And many, many thanks to all of you who’ve helped with our events in the past; we couldn’t have done much without you! With your continued assistance, BICA will continue to provide many valuable services…AND FUN…for all our members!
We have a number of really great activities planned this summer exclusively for our BICA Members. Be sure to pay your annual dues so you can share in the fun!
All events and dates will be coming out to you in a Spring News Blast.

Fishing Derby Participants Courtesy Michael Dewson