Dear Members of BICA, 

It’s mid-April, and I am thinking about summer in the Bay. I’m also thinking of LAURENTIDE LEGACY, 2000-2020. If you are like me, you may not have begun to write your section of the new book.

Today I surprised myself by sitting down at my computer and starting to write. It’s going to take me a few sessions to finish our submission; but in starting today, I realized how much there is to tell since the first edition of LAURENTIDE LEGACY was published in 1999. I’m not kidding when I say I am excited to share the story of our life in the Bay for the past twenty years and to read about the lives of my island neighbors as well. 

I imagine some of you need a few reminders of what to include in your section of the book. So here they are in hopes they will inspire you to start writing.

1.  If you were published in the first edition, reread your section. and start from there.

2.  If you are a relatively new owner, start from when you began your bay life.

3.  Begin your entry with the following:

Island Property #

Current Owner’s Name or Names

Names of Previous Owners

History of the buildings on your island

Camp memories and stories from the past years

Add any other details that you want to include.

Add 1 photo of your choice (b & w or color) a family photo or a photo of your camp, or use the entire space for writing—both sides of the page. 

4.  Specifications for your entry:

Your submission must fit on one 8 & 1/2 inches by 11 inches paper, both sides of the page.

Use the font Times New Roman 12.

Email your submission to Jamie Richards at

5.  Things to consider:

Your writing will be edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

The content of your article will not be altered.

Write in your own voice—readers will enjoy “hearing” your memories in your own words.

Gather other photos of interest for possible use throughout the book and send them to Jamie.

You may find inspiration for your writing through photo albums, calendars, on-line photos, journals and guest books.

Consult with family members to determine what they think should be included.

Take your time writing so you can be sure to include all you want to say.

Most of all it is hoped you will enjoy participating in this project that brings us all together. For many of us, the island owners’ parts of the book will be enjoyed the most and referred to again and again over the years.


Applause to the Monger Camp for sending in the first submission!!!

So Let’s Get On it!!!

Laurentide Legacy, Second Edition, Committee