Laurentide Legacy, 2nd Edition

Dear BICA Members,

In 1999, Eunice Richards published a remarkable book for us about the Bay of Islands, entitled LAURENTDE LEGACY. This book contains history, facts, memories, photographs and personal stories, making for a great book. Since its publication many islanders and community members have asked if there were additional copies (all books were sold immediately after publication), and if there would be a subsequent publication.

In honour of Eunice and the twenty years since her book was published (!), the Richards family is pleased to announce that we are embarking on a second edition of LAURENTIDE LEGACY with an expected publication date of 2020.

We are approaching this project in two phases. The first phase begins with this initial email. We are asking you to please add to the second edition with your island history from the past twenty years. The stories and memories in Eunice’s book have been read and reread by readers in every camp in the Bay.

For your convenience, we have included a format guideline to help you to write your submission to LAURENTIDE LEGACY, Second Edition. Please read the attached guideline carefully and start drafting your camp submissions.


2000 to 2020

Here are some suggestions to get you started writing your camp story for the last twenty years.

If you were published in the first edition of LAURENTIDE LEGACY, please reread your story and start from there.

If you are not in the first edition or are a new owner, start writing your own history.

Begin your entry with the following:

  • Island property #
  • Current owner’s name or names
  • Original owner’s name(s)
  • Subsequent owners
  • History of the building(s) on your island
  • Camp memories and stories from the past twenty years
  • Add any other details you feel need to be included
  • You may include 1 photo of your choice (b & w or colour), e.g. a family photo or a picture of your camp. Or use the entire space for your writing.

Specifications for your entry:
For a cohesive look and easy readability, your submission must fit on one 8 and 1/2 inches x 11 inches paper, both sides of the page. Use the font Times New Roman, Size 12

Email your submission to Jamie Richards at
Include a photo if you choose to have one.

Things to consider:

  • Your writing will be edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • The content of your article will not be altered.
  • Write in your own voice—readers will enjoy “hearing” your memories.
  • Please include other photos of interest to be used throughout the book.
  • Every island has wonderful stories to share! You may find inspiration for your writing through your photo albums, on-line photos, journals, and guest books.
  • Talk with family members to determine what they think should be included.
  • Take your time in writing so you can be sure to include all that you want.

Most of all it is hoped you will enjoy participating in this project that brings us all together. For many, this is the best part of the book and will be referred to again and again over the years.

The deadline for camp submissions is June 1, 2019.